How to Heal Your Relationships Through Conscious Manifestation

Some years back, I read this book where the author conducts a 30-day experiment to see if Conscious Manifestation works. And he had GREAT results. I thought that was a great idea, and decided to conduct a series of experiments myself.

This way I could prove to myself, and to others that this stuff really worked and that we actually can design our lives the way we want to. 

So here is one of my stories with my experiments with Conscious Manifestation.

I know someone, who we shall call Sarah (not her real name). I have known her for a few years, and she has always been really nice and friendly. But to my extreme confusion, she had started being really unfriendly towards me. She tried not to meet my eyes whenever we met, and we used to meet regularly as we used to visit the same place regularly. She stopped saying hi or bye to me. And she outrightly refused to even acknowledge my presence. That felt really weird. I even tried asking her once or twice if everything was alright but got very curt replies, mostly saying - yeah, all good. This was all really awkward because I saw her regularly.

All this made me wonder — Did I do something to offend her?

Why was she mad at me? But I knew I had done nothing. We didn't know each other well enough or long enough to even have the chance to do or say something offensive.

And then I started to resent her. I started to blame her. I decided she must be a weird, and rude person. 

But blaming her and making her sound like a bad person didn't feel right to me, because I remembered how sweet she used to be. I knew I was blaming her only because I was feeling hurt and angry.

And then I remembered, I needed to experiment with Conscious Manifesting!!
Here is what I did:

1. First I stopped with the blaming. I used EFT tapping to let go of hurt feelings. If you want to learn how to do that, use this video:

2. I visualized that I met her, and she was being her usual sweet self to me. And I made the visualization FEEL real to me. I felt the emotions I would feel as if she were actually being her normal, friendly self. And I made this visualization really short - about 15-20 seconds long so that it didn't feel like a chore. I just visualized her smiling happily and saying hi to me, and I imagined both of us talking just like before. Because this was a very short visualization, I imagined this 2-3 times a day, each day till I met her the next time. 

3. I refused to think badly about her, and instead told myself often, "Sarah has always been so friendly. It is always a joy to meet her!"

Guess what? The next time I met her, she behaved as wonderfully as she always did!

I still do not know what had happened for that period of time when she refused to even look at me while being friendly with everyone else. But I let that go. We were not close enough that I could ask her.

The important thing was that my experiment was a success! 

It was not about her. It was about me learning to change my own reality through Conscious Manifesting. And my experiment was a success! 

After that, I tried various different Conscious Manifesting techniques in other situations, and this DOES work. We truly are the writers of our own reality.

What is it that you would like to change in your life? Would you like to do experiments of your own to see if you can change your reality? I will be doing a free 21-Day-Manifest-Your-Desire challenge in March. Join me, and give yourself the gift of realizing how powerful you are.

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