How To Forgive Easily By Writing A Letter (Forgiveness Series – 1)

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2021

Why Should You Forgive?

You are upset. You are angry. You are hurt. Why would forgive them? I understand. But here is why you should consider forgiving...

When we are angry with another, we fret and fume, and are filled with negative, harmful emotions. We seethe each time we think of that person. When we are mad at someone, we can't even forget them! And we stay tied to them. 

The harmful emotions inside become toxic to us and ruin our mood. Not just our moods, but these toxic emotions also create illness if we do not get rid of them. Meanwhile, the person you are mad at is most probably living without any of these problems.

Think about it - why are you punishing yourself for something someone else did? 

Let go of these negative emotions by forgiving. You are not condoning their actions by forgiving them. All you are doing is, freeing yourself of toxins, harm, illness, and living your life without the burden of all that poison. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a healthy, happy life, don't you?

People have healed a lot of their health problems, including some really life-threatening ones by forgiving everyone they have any problems with. 

But sometimes even when we want to forgive, we just don't know how to.

Here Is How You Can Forgive Easily

  1. Take a stack of paper, and a pen.
  2. Sit in a place where no one will disturb you for a while.
  3. Now start writing a letter to this person you need to forgive. Don't worry, you will not be sending this letter to them. They don't even need to know you wrote this or that you forgave them. All you are going to do is remove all the toxic emotions that are hurting you.
  4. Pour your heart out in the papers. Write down everything you have wanted to tell them. Pour out your anger. Do not try to be politically right. No one is going to read this letter. Write all the angry words you wish to tell them. Write everything. Do not leave any stone unturned. Do not leave any word left unwritten. 
  5. Keep writing till you feel empty. There will come a point when you won't feel like writing anymore. You will feel like there are no more words left. You will feel emptied of all emotions. You will feel emptied of all anger. You will feel like it really doesn't matter anymore. You will feel DONE. That's when you need to stop writing the letter.
  6. In the end, write to them that you are letting go of all anger, all hurt, and you are forgiving them, you are setting them free of you, and you are setting yourself free of them.
  7. Now either tear up the letter and throw it in the garbage or burn it (be safe!). I usually burn it because I feel Fire is holy, and it feels symbolic to me that Holiness is burning away all my negative emotions and setting me free. 
  8. Now think of that person again. Do you feel angry? Most likely you will feel absolutely free of all negatively. If you still feel upset, repeat this exercise tomorrow. From my experience, I have noticed that if I have written the letter till I felt 100% empty of all emotions, I did not need to repeat the process. But even if you do need to repeat it, by the second time you will feel complete freedom.
  9. Let me know below after you try this exercise - how do you feel? 


Much love,


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