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Heal your challenges through Life Coaching, EFT tapping, Angel Readings, Spiritual development, Connecting to the Divine, past life regressions, and various Healing Courses to learn to live your life with joy and contentment. 


Swati Nigam

I’m Swati Nigam. I am an Intuitive Life Coach, and my mission is to help you Love Your Life. I invite you to share this space where you can feel totally safe and at ease with yourself. Let me help you move past long term sadness and guide you towards a happier, psychic life. Through Reiki, angel readings, courses and coaching and a peek into the divine you will be able to heal your self esteem, raise your vibration and experience a more fulfilling life, free from the anxiety and stress that is holding you back.

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As a fellow therapist, there are few people I trust to receive guidance on my behalf but Swati is certainly one of them!

She is a deeply intuitive woman with a very pure heart and delivers clear and accurate messages that always leave me feeling uplifted, supported and loved. She also lead me through a Past Life Regression which has had a profound, healing effect on me and is definitely something I’d ask her for again whenever I have the opportunity to visit her in person. I cannot speak highly enough of Swati. She is truly a gift to the world!

Anna Taylor, England

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There are moments in life when you forget yourself. Your soul song and your life purpose gets hidden behind all the daily grind.

That happened recently to me and i got in touch with swati for a reading. Her reading was accurate and the information she gave me was very similar to the information i recived personally many years ago in my meditation. I had completely forgotten about the message. Swatis message was the hands that cupped the flame in a storm. Swati does not tell you what to do. She gives insights helping you make a desicion for the greater good. Simply put, if in doubt let Swati assist you.

Sharanya Ramesh, Ohio

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It’s been a few days since I had a reading with you and there has been such a shift already with my work and general state of mind and feeling about my path and purpose.

You were so spot on from the very beginning and the details that came through were so accurate… everything really resonated. I loved your humour, fun and straight talking but I also felt loved, cared for and protected. This really was an incredible experience and it’s proven to be a huge turning point in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sally Claridge Teixeira

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