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Past Life Regressions

In these sessions, I will lead you through a journey that takes you to a past life on earth, or some other place, or your life in the spirit world, a future lifeangelic realms, another dimension, or some other place and time, depending on what you are ready for, what you need, or what your subconscious allows. Sometimes, you can even go to a place where you can meet those who you love, who have crossed over. So clearly, these are not simply past life regressions. However I call them Past Life Regressions, because that is the platform I use to take you wherever you need to go for whatever your purpose may be: healing, understanding, bringing forth some information or curiosity.

People experience these sessions differently. Some people can go very deep into trance and feel like they are re-living those lives. And many of them don’t even remember what they reported during the session. Some go in lighter trance and observe all that is happening. Some might not actually “see” as such, but get impressions or a knowing. Some do not have that deepest kind of experience in the first session, but as they come for more sessions, they go deeper and deeper, and have fabulous results! The kind of information they can summon can be mind boggling!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through my contact page.

I have been trained by Dolores Cannon, a well known Past Life Therapist and author. To read some of the regressions I have conducted, click on “Past Life Regression” category in my blog.

I live in San Jose, California. If you wish to meet me for your own sessions, please email me from my “Contact Me” page, and we can set up an appointment.