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Usui Reiki Workshop | Reiki Master

Reiki Master: (Including class, William Rand’s manual, & certificate)

Willian Lee Rand’s manual is included . If you have already done the ART level, then you will already have the ART/Master manual with you. It is a 2-day class.

Following is a brief outline of the class:

Day 1:
1. Registration
2. Introduction
3. Opening meditation, voice toning
4. Explanation of what is in the class, what comes from Usui system, and what comes from the ICRT , questions
5. The Anthakarana
6. Explanation of the Hui Yin
7. Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, violet breath
8. Tibetan symbols
9. Test on symbol
10. Explanation of how attunements work
11. Reiki Master Attunement
12. Sharing and writing attunement experiences
13. Practice violet breath
14. Healing attunement, practice
15. Closing meditation

Day 2:
1. Smudging
2. Opening meditation, voice toning
3. Discussion about what is a Reiki Master
4. Reiki I attunement, practice
5. Reiki II attunement, practice
6. ART attunement, practice
7. Reiki Master attunement, practice
8. The 4 step Usui attunement, practice
9. Self attunements
10. Distance attunements — discussion
11. Practicing on teddy bears
13. Closing meditation